Brand And Identity

First impressions count. The instant you see a logo you make a judgment based on our experiences and exposure to advertising.

At 6274 we enable you take control of that process for your organisation. From the creation of a new branding with associated materials, to updating and sharpening of an existing logo, we have the experience to help. We’ve branded individuals, SMEs and even towns. Branding is not just about the logo, it extends to copy style, photography, layout, and customer service too.

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Case Studies


NAC’s QBR Celebration Dinner Graphics

St Matthew’s School, Saltcoats


Miller’s Art Shop Branding

Re-branding of Miller’s Art Shop


Greenwood Conference Centre Signs

North Ayrshire Council wanted the rooms within their newly refurbished Greenwood Conference Centre to take on a clear and memorable identity.


6274 completes ISDS branding for Westheimer Energy Consultants

Petrochemical consultants Westheimer approached 6274 to brand their new venture ISDS.


Select Pharma Laboratories Branding and Web

6274 completes branding and website for Stirling based pharmaceutical company


Taylor and Fraser branding

Re-branding of Mechanical Engineers Taylor and Fraser


Incentive Store

Incentive Store Logo


Living Dalry

Shop Local Scheme Branding in Dalry, North Ayrshire

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Living Dalry

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