6274 completes ISDS branding for Westheimer Energy Consultants

Petrochemical consultants Westheimer approached 6274 to brand their new venture ISDS.

The project was focussed around creating a strong brand for the Integrated Seismic Data Store or ISDS, developed by Westheimer Energy.

6274 were tasked with creating a logo and supporting materials that would communicate to industry professionals the concept, and many benefits of the ISDS. The project highlights our love of collaboration, with a team being brought together quickly by Rod Jamieson of Fortunetwork, consisting of 6274 providing branding, brochure and exhibition design, together with Halldor Halldorsson (Hawk) of Duneden Arts providing 3D animation. As a result all parties could be briefed together, and the whole endeavour turned around on a very tight schedule for the SEG Conference in San Antonio.

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