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Effective online car hire for DCH Scotland

Discount Car Hire Scotland needed an effective site to compete in the highly competitive world of car hire, where they are up against massive international firms.

DCH are a local company based near Prestwick Airport, with the distinct advantage that you can a call them for a bespoke deal. Therefore the quoting system had to allow for the many extras and variables, as well as offering the option of contacting them if you had a quote to beat.

As well as the site itself we provide SEO assistance and manage a highly effective Google Adwords campaign to ensure a steady flow of bookings throughout the year.

The site features:
• online booking system
• PHP and MYSQL backend admin system
• flash slideshows
• html layout
• tabbed panel naviagtion
• Google Analytics - includes goal funnel visualisation for tracking bookings
• Google AdWords


DCH Scotland website


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