6274 can also offer a complete package to encompass your entire promotional or marketing campaign from start to finish.

As well as the design and printing of your campaign we can now offer a service that will distribute your material to your specific target market within a geographical area for less than the price of a 2nd class stamp.

By using specialist software we can build a precise distribution plan aimed directly at your target market which will optimise your campaign’s potential.

For Example

We can identify all the businesses within 1km of your business and deliver direct to them.

Based on a profile of your ideal or typical customer, we can identify where they live, and develop a targeted delivery zone, just for you.

We can take just the post codes of your existing customer database, and map their location, thus identifying targeted areas for potential new leafleting campaigns.

We will keep you informed of the progress of your delivery, helping you to measure the impact of your campaign.

For more information please fee free to call us on 0844 257 6274 and one of our friendly staff would be happy to help.

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