Pay Per Click Marketing

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Marketing, also known as sponsored links, is a popular advertising technique found on websites, advertising networks and especially in search engine results pages.

Most of our PPC services are centred around Google AdWords.  Typically, an advertiser creates some text ads and bids a maximum cost per click (CPC) on a chosen set of keywords. When someone searches for a word or phrase in their browser, Google looks at all keyword bids and ads from all the advertisers that match that search query and, based on several factors (not only your bid), decides which order to place the ads in the results pages. Advertisers are charged each time a visitor clicks one of their ads.

A typical set-up would involve the following:

• Keyword research & competition analysis to find an initial list of potential target words and phrases.
• Setting up an account.
• Writing ad copy.
• Creating effective “landing page(s)” for your ads - this is a page that the visitor will be shown when they click an ad.
• Activating and managing the ad campaigns.

There are many benefits to PPC advertising. Some of the benefits are:

• Once an account is set up and activated, ads can start appearing almost immediately (within 5-10mins). By contrast, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) can take days, weeks or even months to start showing your pages.
• The traffic to your landing page, if done right can already be high quality, laser targeted to your product or service. This can potentially mean higher conversion rates (more buyers).
• You can set a daily budget for how much you want to spend. When your budget has been spent your ads stop showing. They will start up again either the following day or, if you have opted for pre-pay, when you have credited your account again - see next point about payment methods.
• You can pay in two ways: either by depositing funds in your account (pre-pay), or by setting up a bank account which is automatically billed at the end of each month.

PPC is a very effective strategy when combined with Search Engine Optimisation and/or when building a new site. Keywords can be first tested in AdWords to find the profitable phrases - ones which people are searching for and actually click on - and a new or existing site can be built/modified to use those profitable keywords throughout the website.
6274 will work hard for you, using current best practices, to set up and manage a profitable PPC marketing campaign.

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